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Clip from PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS / 2004 50 min - a film about the Swedish fashion designer Christian Knaust and his husband Carmen Marc Valvo

Directed/filmed/produced by Jan Palmblad @ Daniel Scheja


Clip from TALK TO ME / 2003 45 min - a film about love and trust with Daniel Scheja and Eugenia Griffero.

Directed/filmed/produced by Jan Palmblad


Clip from the feature film FESTIVAL / 2001 95 min

Creator/script/ coproducer Jan Palmblad

Burning of a wedding dress. I was married on Nov 30th 1974. Last year 2018 Alexandra killed the wedding dress; the ceremony took place at the wool factory in Marieholm.

Shortfilm June 2020
Lockdown & The Liliac Room

Camilla Klemming and Annika Forslund-Rimbléus

Jan Palmblad

The dancer and choreographer Anais joined me for

a photosession at Lokstallet in Februari 2020. We also shot a short video to capture the beauty of movements.

Dance shortfilm February 2020
White Red Black

Camilla Klemming and Jan Palmblad

Released Winter Word Festival in Strömstad 2020

Close dance. Three Acts about corona; three stories about distance and closeness, about the necessity of being close, being in love. And of course, to dance.

Dancers: Camilla Klemming, Lovisa Mattisson and Therese Lind Ballder. Photo: Jan Palmblad Editing: Camilla Klemming.

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