Clip from PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS / 2004 50 min - a film about the Swedish fashion designer Christian Knaust and his husband Carmen Marc Valvo

Directed/filmed/produced by Jan Palmblad @ Daniel Scheja


Clip from TALK TO ME / 2003 45 min - a film about love and trust with Daniel Scheja and Eugenia Griffero.

Directed/filmed/produced by Jan Palmblad


Clip from the feature film FESTIVAL / 2001 95 min

Creator/script/ co producer Jan Palmblad

Burning of a wedding dress. I was married on Nov 30th 1974. Last year 2018 Alexandra killed the wedding dress; the ceremony took place at the wool factory in Marieholm.

The dancer and choreographer Anais joined me for

a photosession at Lokstallet in Februari 2020. We also shot a short video to capture the beauty of movements.