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Born 1951 in Göteborg, Sweden. Living in Strömstad and on the island of Hällsö.

Educated at Law faculty University of Lund, Attorney-at-Law since 1976.

Founder/co-owner of  the Art Gallery Fabriken in Gothenburg.

Organizer of the first auction of photographs in Sweden 1992.

Board member of numerous companies and organisations including Stadshypoteks-föreningen i Göteborg, HIGAB, Swedish Homeowners Association, The Swedish Union for Performing Arts and Film, Middleearth AB, The Swedish Federation of Business Owners / Gothenburg.

Producer and creator/scriptwriter of the feature film Festival 2000-2001 and some short films including Speak to me 2003 and Pursuit of Happiness 2004.

Documented performing arts at the Swedish Museum of Theatre 2004-2005.

Director of Information and Cultural Affairs at the Municipality of Strömstad 2005-2015.

Director of Winter Word Festival 2005-2015 and Performance Festival Live Art Strömstad 2013-2015. Director of the Art Hall Lokstallet in Strömstad 2009-2015.


Soloexhibitions in Göteborg, Strömstad and Causses-et-Veyran.

Published photoworks "Likvaka för eremiter" 2019, Sweet Sweaty Death Strip - Twenty-Nine Lethal Disjections "2020 and "Texter jag redan ångrar" 2020.

Danceshortfilms "Dear Mr Feldenkrais" 2019,  "WhiteRedBlack" 2020 and "Close Dance" 2021.

Working with law and art. Taking photographs all the time....


Jan Palmblad





Annika Forslund-Rimbléus & Jan Palmblad
Photography: Sibel Kara

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