Born 1951 in Göteborg, Sweden. Living in Strömstad and on the island of Hällsö.

Educated at Law faculty University of Lund, Attorney-at-Law since 1976.

Founder/co-owner of  the Art Gallery Fabriken in Gothenburg.

Organizer of the first auction of photographs in Sweden 1992.

Board member of numerous companies and organisations including Stadshypoteks-föreningen i Göteborg, HIGAB, Swedish Homeowners Association, The Swedish Union for Performing Arts and Film, Middleearth AB, The Swedish Federation of Business Owners / Gothenburg.

Producer and creator/scriptwriter of the feature film Festival 2000-2001 and some short films including Speak to me 2003 and Pursuit of Happiness 2004.

Documented performing arts at the Swedish Museum of Theatre 2004-2005.

Director of Information and Cultural Affairs at the Municipality of Strömstad 2005-2015.

Director of Winter Word Festival 2005-2015 and Performance Festival Live Art Strömstad 2013-2015. Director of the Art Hall Lokstallet in Strömstad 2009-2015.


Soloexhibitions in Göteborg, Strömstad and Causses-et-Veyran.

Published photoworks "Likvaka för eremiter" 2019 and "Sweet Sweaty Death Strip - Twenty-Nine Lethal Disjections "2020.

Danceshortfilms "Dear Mr Feldenkrais" 2019 and "WhiteRedBlack" 2020.

Working with law and art. Taking photographs all the time....


Jan Palmblad





Annika Forslund-Rimbléus & Jan Palmblad
Photography: Sibel Kara