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Denisa visiting Vrångsholmen

Vrångsholmen is a three-storey wooden house with a cellar and an old garden. The living area is 900 m2 and the garden is 6000 m2. The house is a well-preserved example of the educational and social methods of the turn of the last century to correct children at risk. It was called "rescue institute" and was built around 1910 for the city of Gothenburg and was in use until 1938. The idea was that children (boys) of parents who had problems of various kinds (could be alcoholism, criminality, disrespectful parents, poverty or powerlessness) would saved from the dangers of city life by being brought up in a healthy rural environment.

Since 1981, the property has been owned by a cultural association, which runs events of various kinds there. It is indeed a fascinatng place.

Denisa Strakova is a model. The best!



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